Thursday, December 20, 2012

World Ends Tomorrow

Somehow the earth managed to survive the 2K crisis.  Now its facing, in less than 24 hours, the end of a Mayan time cycle of 5,125 years.  But Mayans themselves don't actually believe this, per this USA Today article.  More than that, however, when did anyone previously pay any attention to anything that a Mayan might have to say?  Do we listen carefully and consider deeply Mayan opinions on macroeconomics or medicine or motherhood?  Are Mayans themselves unanimous in their opinions on even more basic things, like music, television programming and salsa?  Whatever, the Montejo Brewery in Merida, Yucatan is selling lots of "Indio" beer to apocalypse tourists from all over the world.  Good time to visit Chichen Itza, it's not as hot as it would be in July.

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