Saturday, December 15, 2012

Opossum Murder Brings $400K Award

More proof that we live in a world gone mad.  This story in the Orange County Register gives a few details of an incident that included the possibility of a boy dispatching an opossum in his backyard with a shovel, hardly an unusual event.  A busy-body neighbor witnessed the affair and called the law, two moronic policemen who then arrested the father of the opossum killer, who was jailed with a bail requirement of $20,000.  Only later did City of Anaheim officials discover, through the judicial process, that there is no law against the murder of an opossum in California.  The man filed suit and Anaheim settled the claim out of court for $400,000, none of which will come out of the city attorney's paycheck or that of the flat foots that made the pinch.  When private sector workers make a colossal mistake that costs their employers almost half a million dollars they're usually run off.  Chances are pretty good that these bozos will still have their jobs for the foreseeable future.

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