Thursday, December 20, 2012

Katusha’s license denied because of doping while team general manager gets 2004 Olympic gold.

Fabled Russian road cyclist Vyacheslav Ekimov has received his third Olympic gold medal, the one  originally presented to US rider Tyler Hamilton for his  time trial victory in 2004 that was later annulled by the IOC because of Hamilton's illegal drug use.  Additionally, Ekimov, general manager of the European professional Katusha racing team, announced that the team's failure to receive a UCI pro tour license this year was because of doping issues. 

Ekimov was a Tour de France finisher 15 different times and a member of the US Postal Service team and the Discovery Channel team that also featured American Lance Armstrong and.  He joined the Radio Shack team in a managerial capacity after his retirement from racing.  Newly named as the boss at Katusha, Ekimov has inherited a problem  not entirely of his own making but endemic to the sport.

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