Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kelly Catlin Wins Women's ITT Gold at the Pan-American Games

Kelly Catlin [P] Peter Kraiker

Kelly Catlin, a college sophomore from Mounds View, Minnesota, has won the gold medal in the junior women's individual time trial at the Pan-American Games outside Toronto, Ontario. Catlin recorded a time of 26:25.58 over the 19.5 km course, beating silver medalist Canadian Jasmin Glaesser, a member of the pro Optum/KBS team, by over 35 seconds.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cover Girl

Margeaux Claude, current queen of the National Sports Center Velodrome boards in Blaine, Minnesota, has made the cover of the June edition of Bicycle Times magazine with this photo by local racer Brady Prenzlow. The speedy lady has made remarkable progress in only a couple of years of track racing.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Shark Attacks!

You must have heard about them. Sharks are rampaging in the waters off the Eastern seaboard. This article from the Richmond Times-Dispatch website has some interesting perspectives on the issue. The shark problem has a somewhat different dimension than the raccoons in Toronto and the coyotes in Anaheim that we've previously mentioned. First of all, sharks are unlikely to turn over your garbage can or snatch your Lhasa Apso off of the porch. In fact, if you don't enter the murky deep, you'll be totally unaware of any shark activity that isn't on TV or in the papers.

Actually, the shark danger is an asset to the coastal tourist trade. Chubby, untanned tourists can dip a toe in the shark-infested water and return to their land-locked homes and tell the neighbors about their risky excursion into Shark Territory. Chances are that very few would-be beach goers have cancelled their holiday trip in fear of sharks. Some are probably hoping to see a bleeding swimmer hauled into the beach for a helicopter ride to the hospital. Great cell phone pictures.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

North Star Grand Prix 2015

Despite some tribulations this year's edition of the annual NRC bike race went off with unusually good weather and lots of fans. Unfortunately, there were no elite ladies, with one exception, competing. A combination of scheduling circumstances led to a dearth of entries in the elite women's competition and cancellation of the race that has been won by international stars in the past. Carmen Small, a national and international champion, elected to compete in the elite men's division and the women's races were replaced with an amateur omnium competition in the Uptown, Menomonie and Stillwater criteriums that drew many of the better riders in the Midwest.

  Fabrizio Von Nacher of KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo crosses the finish line first at the grueling Stillwater Criterium.
Carmen Small warms up with former teammate Jesse Anthony before the St. Paul Criterium.
Local phenom Colin Catlin was third in the amateur omnium and winner of the Greg Lemond best young rider jersey.

Mountain bike hall of famer and veteran road and cyclocross rider Steve Tilford waits at the start line in Stillwater. Tilford won second in the omnium. Behind him is Jameson Ribbens, winner of the Stillwater amateur race.

Freddie Rodriquez, four time US National Road Racing Champion, has announced that this is his last year of pro racing. Fast Freddie relaxes moments after completing the Stillwater Crit.

Ben Hill, Fabrizio Von Nacher, and Kevin Girkins break away from the field at Stillwater.

It takes a lot of volunteer effort to put together the North Star Bike Festival. Two of the most dedicated are race director Paul Merwin and promoter David LaPorte, whose tireless efforts throughout the year create the premier cycling event in the Upper Midwest.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Carmen Small to Race with the Men

Carmen Small, superstar cyclist with the TWENTY16 Professional team, wasn't scheduled to make things difficult for the other ladies of the women's peloton during the week of the North Star Grand Prix. Lack of entries had led to the cancellation of the elite women's race but an opening developed on the men's Elbowz Racing Team and Small has elected to take the spot. A national and pan-American time trial champion and member of the world team time trial championship crew, Small might not win any stage of the North Star Grand Prix men's race but she's already stood on the top of the podium there twice as the women's GC winner.

 photo c43819ac-8234-4143-a1a4-f6e3a5681657_zps3c0ec06d.jpg Carmen Small in her Specialized-Lululemon kit chats with former teammate Jade Wilcoxson before the start of the 2014 Uptown Criterium stage of the North Star Grand Prix.

New York State Trooper Indicted on Sexual Assault Charges

Sometimes "To Protect and to Serve" just isn't enough. A cop has to go a little further. This article shows just how far one of them went. Surveillance cameras are such an inconvenience.
Sex assault
New York state trooper in jail togs.

Double-Dipping Doesn't Always Work

This article from the New Brunswick Today website gives us a little bit of an inkle on how the fraternity of public employees, in this case cops, manages to make life a little more comfortable in their golden years. According to the local regs, these guys can't retire and go back to work for their public employer without waiting for 180 days. But even this b.s. wasn't enough. They walked outside for a smoke and a doughnut and then went right back into the police department with a new job while collecting retirement. And people wonder why cities can't balance their budgets.

Chuck Savoth
Chuck Savoth, management specialist and retired cop, retirement benefit $79,719 annually. Not enough to survive on.