Thursday, August 31, 2017

Annemieke Van Vleuten And Her Mysterious Kit

The indestructible Annemieke in her normal Orica-Scott kit.

The Dutch time trial champion out on the course in the Boels-Dolmans skin suit.
Moments later Van Vleuten appears on the podium in regulation Orica-Scott apparel.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Alijah Beatty Update

NorthStar Development rider Alijah Beatty completely dominated the USAC junior female track championships in Carson, CA from July 31 to Aug. 5. She won gold in all six events in which she competed, the junior 17-18 points race, the keirin, the team pursuit, the individual pursuit, the international omnium and the scratch race.
Alijah's trip to Montichiari, Italy for the UCI Junior Track Cycling World Championships wasn't quite as productive with an eighth place in the scratch race and some crashes in other events.

Already the USA junior national road racing champion, she's been selected to represent the US as a member of the U-23 women's road racing team at the UCI World World Championships in Bergen, Norway, Sept. 16-24.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It Just Takes Time

If the garbage disposal under your kitchen sink was puking water all over the floor you would probably call a plumber to get the situation rectified. If the plumber told you it would probably be six months or more before anything could be done you would also probably be upset and call another plumber.

In the case of government, you can get as upset as you wish and nothing will speed up the process.

 Image result for justine damond

On July 15, 2017 an Australian national, Justine Ruszczyk Damond, made a 911 call to the Minneapolis, MN police department to report what she felt might have been a sexual assault in the alley behind her home in an upper-middle class neighborhood in southwest Minneapolis. A few minutes later she lay dead in the alley, shot to death by one of the two cops that responded to the call. As in all incidents involving police gun fire, investigation of the case was turned over to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the BCA.

Immediately after the fatal shooting, a BCA agent filed an electronic request for a warrant to search the home of the deceased, which was granted electronically, also immediately. Apparently requests for search warrants are granted with a new technology that replaces the former "rubber stamp".

The warrant:


Interestingly enough, the media has given no indication that the homes of either of the two officers involved in the shooting have been the subject of a search warrant and, if so, what may have been found. Nor has there been any information forwarded regarding any tests that should have made for drugs or alcohol on the victim or the two policemen.

Now Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, son of a former Minnesota governor and without doubt an aspirant for higher office himself, says that it will be at least until the end of the year and perhaps later before he decides if any charges will be made in the case.

It's not the first time that Freeman has been involved in an incident where police activity has seemed  to cross the line into crime itself.

Be that as it may, it seems absurd that the gathering of facts about this incident and others like it and coming to a conclusion about further action should require such an extended period of time.

On Aug 2, 2017 an explosion apparently caused by a natural gas leak destroyed a large part of Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis, causing the death of two school employees and the injury of nine others. The preliminary report from the investigating agency, the National Transportation Safety Board, could easily have been assembled by anyone with a newspaper. According to news sources, "A final report may not be released for several months and could take more than a year." One must wonder what new information or interpretation would be discovered in the eleventh month.

The feds have a long history of proceeding at a glacial pace in similar matters.

A cynic might conclude that the time element involved in these affairs could be an effort to allow the outrage to dissipate before a judgement is delivered.

Monday, August 28, 2017

What Is An Anarchist?

According to Wikipedia:

Anarchism as a political philosophy advocates self-governed societies based on voluntary institutions. These are often described as stateless societies, although several authors have defined them more specifically as institutions based on non-hierarchical free associations.

Anarchy and statism are incompatible, which explains why statists must mislead people by defining anarchy as chaos and disorder. Somebody once declared that the only two political theories that are completely consistent are anarchy and totalitarianism. Anarchy fully embraces the concept of self, totalitarianism fully rejects that concept. Statism always degenerates into totalitarianism.
Emma Goldman, one of America's most famous and significant anarchists had this to say:

       Just as religion has fettered the human mind, and as property, or the monopoly of things, has subdued and stifled man's needs, so has the State enslaved his spirit, dictating every phase of conduct. "All government in essence," says Emerson, "is tyranny." It matters not whether it is government by divine right or majority rule. In every instance its aim is the absolute subordination of the individual.
In this Associated Press account of a week-end confrontation in Bezerkley, CA the writers describe the affair as being between white nationalists (right wing) and 'black-clad anarchists' (left wing). The reality is that anarchists belong to no wing and are in opposition to any form of state coercion, right or left. It's a common place for the media to describe riotous leftists as anarchists even though they advocate the use of state power to eliminate their ideological foes. Masked leftists and their media accomplices use the tag of anarchist to hide their socialist agenda. If genuine anarchists were to do such an unlikely thing as riot, their efforts would be directed against both the right and the left.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Next It's Bacteria Instead Of Dope For Athletes

A paper presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society raises the possibility that successful athletes have a different microbiome or bacterial population in their digestive system than some of their lesser competitors. Researchers have found unique bacteria present in the guts of runners and rowers that seem to assist in recovery from exercise and even aid in converting food into energy.  A company is being formed to develop biotic products that can alter an individual athlete's microbiome to increase positive results.

In view of the obsession with drugs and blood doping in sports perhaps we'll soon see that not only will the blood and urine of cyclists, weight lifters, football players and other athletes be analyzed but their feces as well. Professional cyclists now have a "biological passport" that contains a profile of the level of testosterone in their blood and other things. It's seems likely that if microbiome modification is not approved the discovery of unauthorized bacteria in a rider's gut might also be grounds for disqualification and banning from the sport. Indeed, why shouldn't it be?

Image result for eddy merckx

Super cyclist Eddy Merckx. Could a transplant of the bacteria in his digestive tract make you a better rider? You might soon be able to find out.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Average Age of US Senate Still Going Up

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In 1875 the average age of members of the US Senate was 52 years. The average age of the august body is now 61 years. More than half of the senators up for re-election in 2018 will be 65 or older.

Alabama senator Richard Shelby is 83. Californian Dianne Feinstein is 84. Chuck Grassley from Iowa is 83. Oklahoma's Jim Inhofe is 82. Orrin Hatch of Utah is 83. Arizona senator John McCain is 80. Seventeen members of the upper house are in their seventies.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Now It's Owls On The Attack

It seems that Americans, and perhaps humans everywhere, are facing increasing violence from the rest of the animal kingdom. Bears, goats, coyotes, cougars, etc. are stalking and attacking hapless humans relentlessly. The latest occurrence took place near a wide spot in the headwaters of the Mississippi River, Lake Bemidji, where a three year-old tyke was set upon by what DNR folks believe was a barred owl. She escaped with scratches and the owl disappeared as well.
 Image result for great horned owl

A great horned owl. Much scarier than a barred owl. Could easily have been one of these guys.

The most interesting aspect of the story is the DNR action, which had to have been instigated by the parents or even the child itself. "Department of Natural Resources workers investigated the attack but couldn’t locate the bird." What could their purpose have been in finding the owl, if indeed, that's what it was? Were the DNR agents equipped with firearms to deal with an individual bird that could hardly have been identified as the actual transgressor? Would some innocent hooter have been sentenced to death for violating humans norms of behavior? Or would they have simply taken a picture of it and advised folks to look out. It also seems wise to have closed the trail. Birds don't move very well from place to place.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

NSC Velodrome Fixed Gear Classic

The season's feature event at the National Sports Center Velodrome in Blaine, MN, the Fixed Gear Classic, brought track stars from the rest of the country who raced in some events that aren't the standard fare of the weekly Thursday Night Lights races. Matched sprints and the season's first Madison competition were a welcome addition to schedule. Thirty-three men and 24 women circled the track during the two day affair.

Image result for brandon krawczyk cycling
Winner of the men's sprint omnium was local hero Brandon Krawczyk, who has dominated the region in both track and road racing.

The winner of the men's endurance omnium was Junior National Track gold medalist Peter Moore of St. Paul, winner of the men's elimination race.

Linsey Hamilton, a force on the international women's master scene, clinched the women's sprint omnium in the last race of the competition, a match sprint against St. Louis rider Rachelle Wilson.

Women's endurance omnium winner Pennsylvanian Mary Costelloe.

Big Apple rider Christine D'Ercole finished in the third place in both the endurance and sprint omniums.
Mary Costelloe at the rail for the women's 60 lap scratch race.
Rachelle Wilson and Linsey Hamilton at the line for the match sprint gold medal.
The field lines up for an elimination heat in the women's keirin.

NSC Velodrome women's track rider of the year in 2016 and national junior medalist of 2017 Anya Malarski waiting for the durney to arrive in a keirin heat.

Final omnium standings:

Men's sprint:
1. Brandon Krawczyk, St.Paul, MN
2. Ethan Boyes, San Francisco, CA
3. Jacob Okamoto, Menlo Park, CA

Men's endurance:
1. Peter Moore, St.Paul, MN
2. Innokenty Zavyalov, Tustin, CA
3. Peter Olejniczak, Minneapolis, MN

Women's sprint:
1. Linsey Hamilton, Minneapolis, MN
2. Camie Kornely, Fort Lee, NJ
3. Christine D'Ercole, New York, NY

Women's endurance:
1. Mary Costelloe, Emmaus, PA
2. Elspeth Huyett, Emmaus, PA
3. Christine D'Ercole, New York, NY

Krawczyk and world masters gold medalist Dan Casper teamed up to win the 80 lap Madison.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

When All You Have Is A Hammer

Everything Looks Like A Nail.

As we often notice here at Pulverized Concepts, modern American law enforcement has problems with animals, man or beast, wild or domestic. These problems generally result in a fatality for the beast. Latest cop/beast failure to communicate took place near Portland, OR where an intimidated Washington County sheriff's deputy was forced to shoot a charging billy goat and call on another deputy to dispatch the wounded animal.

  Image result for volt the goat
Volt, the dangerous but now deceased goat.

In the recent past other cops have been forced to kill wandering alligators in Minnesota, bears in Glacier National Park, and, of course, dogs in a backyard

Big Waters Classic

The Big Waters Classic is a two race omnium series contested in the Twin Cities on the weekend of July 22-23. The Saturday races were held in the Selby-Dale area of St. Paul. Chicago Ave. and 48th St. was the scene for the Sunday action. These two races were the finale of the Midwest Flyover Series, which included events in La Crosse, WI; Burlington, Muscatine and Davenport, IA; Kansas City, MO and Clear Lake, IA. The women's 1-2 series was won by Vanessa Curtis of Iowa City, IA.

Both of the Big Waters Classic women's 1-2 criteriums were won by local rider Melissa Dahlmann. She won a field sprint on Saturday and triumphed on Sunday in a breakaway with Molly Clark-Oien.