Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Problems for Clarence Dupnik in Tucson

Wednesday AM Tucson police were called to a bar in downtown Tucson to investigate the unprovoked and savage assaults on several people. Turns out the misbehavior was caused by 5 Pima County jailers, employees of inept local sheriff Clarence Dupnik, the same Clarence that emphatically stated in January 2011 that US representative Gabrielle Giffords had been shot by a disgruntled conservative who turned out to be a schizo madman. And the same Clarence that commanded the joint task force that sent a hail of bullets into the bedroom of Jose Guarena in south Tucson on May 11, 2011, killing the Marine veteran. The five jailers are now on administrative leave, which probably means that they're being paid to stay home and refrain from beating people up outside saloons. When employees in the private sector don't show up for work, for whatever reason, they're usually terminated. Not so with law enforcement personnel.
Stay away from this guy, and his employees, for your own good. Update: The Tucson Police Department has released a surveillance video of the incident that can be seen here.

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