Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wounded Bear Mauls Ineffective Hunter

Somewhere near the rural community of Duxbury, Minnesota a bear is wandering around in pain after being wounded by a hunter and then being stabbed by the guy when Mr. Bruin returned to talk the situation over, as we learn in this account. If you read the article linked, you'll notice that the hunter is referred to more than once as a "victim". Sorry, but the bear is the real victim here. He wasn't airlifted to a sophisticated trauma care center after being wounded while out doing his bear business. Nothing against bear hunting but let's face it, the bear is at something of a disadvantage or these mighty hunters wouldn't venture out in the woods attempting to kill one. When Nimrod fails at dispatching his quarry, well, things like this can happen. It ain't like the bear attacked him while he sat on the couch watching the Gophers maul the Wolverines.

Additionally, in the religion of the outdoors it's a cardinal sin to fail to pursue and dispatch a wounded animal of any species. Even a duck or grouse isn't supposed to be left to suffer. In the case of a bear, there's not only the suffering of the animal to consider but also the danger that an angry bear presents to some innocent bystander on a stroll through the forest. The article doesn't state if Pine County sheriff's deputies are actively pursuing the dangerous bruin through the swampy countryside of the upper St. Croix Valley.
Don't fool around with this guy unless you're serious. He will be.

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