Monday, September 29, 2014

More Federal Cops Chasing State Counterparts

The Feds seem to spend an inordinate amount of time and effort trying to trap state officials. Maybe this is because a state judge is unlikely to resist arrest in any meaningful fashion but it appears more likely that the they wish to assert their central government authority over the provinces. This story from the city of brotherly love shows how far they're willing to go. In order to trap a judge that had fallen from favor they created not only a crime but a ficticious defendant. The best part of this little morality play is the fact that all the judges involved, members of the bar with the special qualifications required to determine the fate of others, hire other attorneys to represent their own interests.

Of course these judges are the arbiters of civilized society, as graduates of law schools they're better than us at separating right from wrong, legal from illegal. They're the priesthood of the agnostic society. We're lucky to have them around.

Judge Dawn A. Segal was allegedly asked for help by Judge Joseph C. Waters. Now facinga probe, she denies wrongdoing.
Judge Dawn A. Segal, one subject of the federal probe.
David P. Khoury, imaginary felon.

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