Tuesday, January 8, 2013

National Health Care, One Fix

The national crisis over the explosion of medical costs (for poor people, anyway) has been alleviated by the Affordable Care Act, thank goodness.  But has it really?  There's no doubt that we haven't seen the last of tweaks or even major modifications in the managerial/therapeutic state's attempt to supposedly supply adequate health care for every individual, financed by society as a whole.  Let us add one tweak.  Denial of health care to all felons.

Now, hear me out.  Already felons have lost the franchise, no voting by felons.  Felons cannot possess firearms.  Felons of certain types must keep authorities advised of their residence at all times.  Most business hiring weeds out felons from the list of prospective employees almost immediately.  So it's not like felons aren't already behind the eight ball, even if it's usually their own fault.

Oddly, incarcerated felons are supplied with pretty decent health care.  Prisons examine new admitees to determine their existing health and establish medical regimens to maintain or improve it.  Perhaps it doesn't look good to have convicted bank robbers dying in their cells but who, other than their closest relatives, really cares?   Punishment, after all, is the primary goal of the coercion community.  Perhaps keeping prisoners hale and hearty so they can suffer the maximum amount of misery is the goal.  On the other hand,  what could be better punishment than continuing migraine headaches or renal failure or colon cancer?

A bigger issue is felons that have emerged from the coercion community and are trying to survive "on the outside".  Since they've been deprived of civil rights, why should they be assured medical care, medical care that is if not state financed in whole is at least state subsidized?  It would be, at this stage of technology, very easy to deny felons medical care even if they paid for it themselves. Data bases are so complete and effective now that it would be child's play for the state to forbid care by punishing clinics and doctors for engaging in black market medicine.By excluding felons from medical care completely more care is available to those that follow the rules, lessening wait times.

Bleeding hearts will object that forbidding medical care to felons is inhumane.  Izzat so?  But keeping people in cages, employing them in manufacturing with wages that a Calcutta untouchable would turn down and then releasing them into the world with little more than the clothes on their backs, that's O.K.?

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