Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fuel in Afghanistan

This report from RT indicates what can, and does, happen when government functionaries, even military ones, find opportunities for personal enrichment.  Curiously, how can shredding documents effectively screen financial ineptitude or malfeasance?  Isn't all this info stored away on untouchable servers and hard drives scattered about the globe?  Shredding documents just seems so . . . twentieth century.  A nation that controls death-dealing drones from 12,000 miles away even now relies on outdated paper to record transactions? And, by the way, what's used to make the marks on the paper?  At one time, the vaunted IBM Selectric typewriter was the instrument of choice for completing the endless number of forms required by the military.  Could this still be the case?  Is there a factory somewhere near Fort Campbell, KY making or refurbishing Selectrics for the army?  Is there an MOS for Selectric repair, like there is for aircraft maintenance?  Or are these byzantine forms completed with ordinary ball point pens?

 As usual, it's easier to simply kill some one than keep track of the numbers.

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