Wednesday, September 26, 2012

American Free Market Entrepreneurs In Action

A champion local scalper (or is that ticket re-sale specialist) in action.

At an unnamed location in an inconsequential American city, independent entrepreneurs sell tickets THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR to willing customers for less than face value.  How can this be?  Well, these tickets were purchased by people who are now uninterested in attending the game, maybe because they're going to a baby shower instead or are too hung over to get out of bed or no longer wish to watch the follies of a team that's fighting over last place in its division.  No matter, they've put these tickets, probably at a price, into the hands of these itinerant salesmen.  Now it's their goal to get those unneeded ducats into the hands of fans that actually want to see the game, and they do.  I bought a $68 Delta Skybox seat, a pretty good spot to watch a ball game, for the reasonable sum of $15.What could possibly be wrong with that?

Some sales are from scalper to scalper, which may be what's going on here.

As in any bazaar-like environment, the seller and prospective buyer can fail to come to an agreement.

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