Monday, January 19, 2009

Single Mom

Ann Coulter always has something to shriek about and the latest object of her wrath is the "single mom". Well, I don't think that it's the single mom as much as it is the utopian government social engineering that produces the single mom. And she's very much right.

In the fabulous '50's, when a young single woman or girl became pregnant, she was often spirited off to some charity establishment, a relative's home some distance away or another option of which I'm not aware. After a passage of time she returned and life went on. There were few single moms as we know them today, except for widows and the rare divorcee. An unmarried woman with a child had a tough life ahead of her.

At the same time, sexual promiscuity, a term seldom heard these days, wasn't nearly as common as it is now. Single men with good jobs were a hot commodity, co-workers introduced their sisters to guys with a good paycheck. And they tried to make sure that their sister wasn't compromised by some cad.

Not any more. The post-sixties government decided that a system that had worked for at least several millenia wasn't getting the job done. There really couldn't be anything wrong with casual sex, after all everybody did it, and these single mothers couldn't provide for the child on their own, the situation isn't the child's fault, it's all about the children. So, two things happened. Social welfare programs were set up to provide for these fatherless children and legal mechanisms were instituted to capture support payments from the fathers. Everything's O.K. now, right?

Well, maybe not. There are almost half a million children involved in child support payments in Minnesota. A big city full of fatherless children. How come? Because you get what you pay for. There's no impetus for a woman with children, married or single, to stay with a man when she get a state mandated income by leaving him. When a mother shows up at the welfare office to initiate child support, there isn't any, "Look, you and Floyd had a little argument, go home and talk it over, " by the case worker. It's " Sign here, sign here." And the future is determined. Now these "sex without marriage" women are heroes. Subsidized by the government.

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