Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Clothes People Wear

It first occurred to me outside of Ft. Lauderdale. Sitting in "La Carretera", having a fabulous Cuban lunch, I noticed a burly fellow walk in the door. He was wearing what appeared to be a regular Miami Dolphins game jersey with I think the number "54" and the name "Thomas" on the back. If memory serves, that would be the shirt worn during games by celebrated linebacker Zack Thomas. However, the person wearing that shirt could be almost any person on earth, except the person who would be wearing it during a game later that day. I just find that real weird.

Anyway, when riding my bike I usually wear knickers with some kind of garish knee socks. My kids think I'm "goofy". If I stop at the market, which, when you travel only by bike, you must do quite often, I notice some odd looks from passers-by. Why should that be? I'm not wearing a football or hockey uniform out on the street. With someone else's name on it. I display no tatoos or skin penetrations by odd pieces of metal. I'm not wearing trainers with odd stripes and colors. So what's so strange about plus fours, which have been a normal part of male attire for hundreds of years, just not right now?

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Samuel Critwick said...

i hear you clucking, big chicken!