Thursday, January 15, 2009

No Hall of Fame for Bert. . . .maybe ever.

Another winter sludges by with the same results, the baseball scribes ignore the sterling career of the one and only Bert Blyleven and neglect to select the curveballer for enshrinement in Cooperstown. Big deal. They (the writers) don't seem to understand that if Bert isn't in the Hall (and Jim Kaat, as well, for that matter) then the Hall just doesn't mean all that much. The Dutchman can console himself with the fact that of all the players that have competed at the major league level, he's the best of those not in the Hall of Fame.

Consider: W-L 287-250
ERA 3.31
Career strikeouts 3701
Career starts 692
Shutouts 60
No hitter 1
American League Rookie of the Year 1970
Comeback Player of the Year 1989
World Series Championships 2
Major League Seasons 22

A very interesting feature of Blyleven's career is the fact that he was the opening day pitcher on eleven different occasions for five different teams.

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