Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Backward Ballcaps

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Maybe you've wondered about the slow-to-die phenomenon of the ball cap worn backwards. What could this dopey variant of haberdashery possibly signify? Some people probably think that it's a fad from the eighties that refuses to go away. Actually, there's another, more sinister explanation.
 A Rohingya refugee man cries as he take part in Eid al-Adha prayer near the Kutupalang makeshift refugee camp, in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, September 2, 2017. Photo: Reuters/Mohammad Ponir Hossain
Yes, that's right. The costumes of dim bulb American males have been influenced by the dress of the Muslim ummah. The Muslims are coordinating their attempt to take over dar al-harb, beginning with Western headgear. It's hard to say how far this might go. It seems unlikely that US fraternity boys will make the Muslim thobe a part of their campus wardrobe but the backward ball cap was unpredictable decades ago as well. Maybe the near future will include thobes with college insignia to match the backward ball cap.

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