Thursday, July 6, 2017

Draft Horse Action In Chetek, Wisconsin

A bright sun and moderate temperatures made the annual Independence Day weekend draft horse pull at the R-Bar near Chetek and Cameron, WI an enjoyable affair. Eleven 3200# teams and 13 heavy-weight pairs pulled into rural watering hole for the competition. It's a rare opportunity to watch the descendants of the motive force that originally provided the power for much of the country's agriculture and infrastructure construction.
Minnesota teamster Matt Foss and one of his Belgian mares that's in foal. There'll be a leggy draft colt or filly bouncing around in Matt's pasture in October.
Take a look at the space between Diesel's front legs. This veteran powerhouse has been a big part of the successful John Loomis horse pulling operation for a long time.

The Gary Smith team from North Freedom, WI. There's at least 4500 lbs. of horse between the tugs.

 Home town teamster Chuckie Schaaf took second place in the 3200# class with his beautiful team of Belgians.

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