Monday, August 13, 2012


     The government/legal Orwellian lingo now includes "sequestration", a term used to designate mandatory budget cuts, similar to the term "austerity" used in reference to European governments supposedly making an effort to rein in their own profligate spending.  Anybody that pays taxes or wonders about the government debt is ostensibly in favor of less federal spending, that is until decreases in that spending have a negative effect on their own personal economy.  Defense contractors and their employees and subcontractors are particularly concerned.  Some areas in the country will be affected more than others, Virginia, for instance.  Relocation of an F-16 squadron from Eielson AFB, Alaska to Elmendorf AFB has created a furor in the Fairbanks area.  Thus in the abstract, everyone wants to take an ax to federal spending but in the concrete it becomes almost impossible.  There's no hope.

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