Friday, August 31, 2012

Dogs Die In Hot Cars

Another one of man's best friends, employed by a law enforcement agency, has paid the ultimate price. There are two issues here. One is that generally everywhere leaving a dog in a car in hot conditions is animal abuse and a violation of the law. It really doesn't matter whether Harley died from excessive heat or keeled over from a canine stroke, his handler is responsible. You can't leave a dog in a parked car in the heat. Second, in some states a police K-9 is a cop, just as was quoted in the article. Taking the life of a cop, or even inconveniencing one is a very serious offence. Even if it's done by another cop. Of course everyone down at the station is pretty sad about poor ol' Harley. But sadness ain't enough. Brian Mathis needs some punishment that will teach him, and others, not to lock another cop in a hot car.

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