Saturday, May 12, 2012

Green Bay Gamblers

The Green Bay Gamblers, a team in the Tier I Junior United States Hockey League are one of the most successful franchises in any sport, anywhere and are currently in the finals of the USHL championship series against the Waterloo Blackhawks for the Clark Cup. This season the Gamblers put up a 47-9-4 record for 98 points, 17 points better than the next best team in the league. The team plays in the state of the art Resch Center in Green Bay, just across the street from the legendary Lambeau Field, home of the NFL Green Bay Packers and draws large and enthusiastic crowds to their games. Unlike football fans, when the followers of the Gamblers are witnessing one of their many lop-sided victories the crowds don't indulge in anything as mindless as "the wave". Instead they celebrate one of the great products of Wisconsin, beer. While the Gamblers were hammering the hapless Youngstown Phantoms recently, one fan began to amuse himself by constructing a pyramid of empty beer cups. Soon the attention of the entire arena was riveted on the project. Wishing to become part of this worthy endeavor, others soon began bringing more empty cups and the pyramid gained both height and breadth. The game went on but there's no doubt that even the players themselves were aware of the magnitude of the task. Of course eventually the pyramid came tumbling down but the scattered cups were gathered and properly disposed of in the correct containers. Midwesterners are so responsible.

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