Thursday, March 2, 2017

Penguin Random House Makes a Huge Investment

One time POTUS B.Hussein Obama and his queen Michelle have made a deal with Penguin Random House to publish books that are yet to be written. Publishing figures say that the two are likely to receive in excess of $65 million for their literary efforts. It would seem to be very optimistic that an advance of this extent would be profitable for the book company but it's their money.

On the other hand, by showering the couple with greenbacks, the publishing giant has less money to spend purchasing the works of other, less notable writers. Maybe readers should be upset that such a financial commitment has been made to what will surely be a limited output of verbiage, regardless of its wisdom. This sort of thing shouldn't be encouraged. Furthermore, it seems likely that the income from the sales of other expensive books will be used to subsidize the Obama tomes should they fail to be the blockbuster hits they're projected to be.

In response to this deal normal readers should try to stay away from not only the Obama books themselves, which will, of course, be available in libraries and thrift stores soon after release, but also other books published by the conglomeration. Just say "No" to Penguin Random House. 

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