Saturday, January 2, 2016

Abstract Artist Ellsworth Kelly Dies At 92

Ellsworth Kelly, abstract minimalist art star, has passed away at age 92. Having been a part of the US military's camouflage efforts in WWII, Kelly went on to an education in art in Europe but eventually returned to the US where his efforts in art, sculpture and design then spread around the world.
This review from the Washington Post gives one view of his work. A look at some examples:

Ellsworth Kelly
Kelly's High Yellow, 1960, a gift to the University of Texas by Mari and James Michener in 1990.

Aloes Nov 58 Kelly Sold by Christies in 2012 for $242,500.

Curved Red on Blue 1963

If you've an interest and ability in art, you might feel that you yourself could produce such wondrous and important works as Ellsworth Kelly did. You can't. You're not a real artist like he was.

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