Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Emails

The brouhaha over Mrs. Bill Clinton's emails being routed through her own private server, in spite of government requirements. continues to roil the pasty-faced sexagenarian's quest for the ultimate ego embellishment, the US presidency. The issue is not her bizarre avian globe-trotting at government expense, her dubious or perhaps non-achievements in international diplomacy, or even the fact that an enormous number of emails were sent in her name. The real issue is why so much intra-agency communication should actually be classified.

It is the nature of bureaucracy to embrace secrecy. That's why the Freedom of Information Act was signed into law, so the media, interested organizations and individuals could discover what the bureaucrats were up to. Even so, the agencies involved have the final say on the information to be released.

In the faux democratic/republic that is the US, where every citizen over a certain age has the right to make his voice heard through the ballot box, when this right is circumscribed by a government that routinely keeps secret its activities, the right is meaningless. Sure, a note to Putin or Hollande really shouldn't be public knowledge, at least not immediately. But there's no reason other communications of a routine nature should be classified. The classification process is one where as much information as possible is to be kept secret because the bureaucracy can never predict if some information might be unfavorable if given to the public. They are covering their rear.

Links to this are:   http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2015/12/01/nearly-1000-clinton-emails-had-classified-info.html?intcmp=hpbt1


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