Saturday, September 26, 2015

You Need A License To Embalm

A license is required in every state in order to drive a car. Maybe because it's proof of the knowledge and skill necessary to pilot tons of plastic and metal down the road without running into other cars, pedestrians or livestock. Or maybe not. Licenses are also needed almost everywhere to cut hair, give manicures, install plumbing and electricity, drive a cab, be a peace officer, doctor, dentist, pharmacist, boiler operator or mortician. All of these professions evidently have the potential to harm customers so education and testing is required to insure that persons performing these tasks know what they're doing. There is a profession, however, with a truly great potential to do harm, one that can cause the death of untold thousands and the destruction of immense quantities of wealth. Of course, that profession is elected politician. Holders of elective office, at least in the US, aren't required to show knowledge of anything or skill in any capacity. In this era they need to be somewhat telegenic and capable of reading a teleprompter but no test or license is involved in holding any elected office, from county clerk to US President. It seems kind of crazy that some individual has the ability to send troops to a foreign land without having ever been there or even knowing much about it. But that's how representative democracy works.

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