Friday, July 3, 2015

Shark Attacks!

You must have heard about them. Sharks are rampaging in the waters off the Eastern seaboard. This article from the Richmond Times-Dispatch website has some interesting perspectives on the issue. The shark problem has a somewhat different dimension than the raccoons in Toronto and the coyotes in Anaheim that we've previously mentioned. First of all, sharks are unlikely to turn over your garbage can or snatch your Lhasa Apso off of the porch. In fact, if you don't enter the murky deep, you'll be totally unaware of any shark activity that isn't on TV or in the papers.

Actually, the shark danger is an asset to the coastal tourist trade. Chubby, untanned tourists can dip a toe in the shark-infested water and return to their land-locked homes and tell the neighbors about their risky excursion into Shark Territory. Chances are that very few would-be beach goers have cancelled their holiday trip in fear of sharks. Some are probably hoping to see a bleeding swimmer hauled into the beach for a helicopter ride to the hospital. Great cell phone pictures.

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