Saturday, May 30, 2015

Negligence Takes the Lives of Two K-9 Cops

It's not unusual for dogs to die when left in automobiles during hot weather. It's a little more unusual when the dogs are police K-9s. A Hialeah policeman left his two dogs in a locked SUV for over 5 hours and both animals expired. While the officer in question has been suspended without pay, no decision has as yet been made on what charges, if any, he will face for the dogs' deaths. This story Another take on the incident can be found here. An ordinary citizen is in big trouble if he harms or kills a police K-9. We'll see what happens to Officer Enriquez. Additionally, the dogs, being incapable of real thought or understanding, didn't volunteer to be Hialeah cops. There's a moral question here if humans have the right to expose dumb animals to the dangers of law enforcement.

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