Wednesday, October 22, 2014

OH, NO! California Law School Grads Can't Find Jobs!

In a tragedy of epic proportions graduates of Whittier Law School and other California legal diploma mills are having a problem finding employment in their chosen field. According to this almost funny OC Register article would-be prosecutors have ponied up $42K and more a year and still have to make espressos to pay their student loans off.  Tsk, Tsk.

While schools like Stanford and UC Bezerkley still seem to place their ambulance chasers in legal occupations, those exiting lower tier schools like Whittier aren't being pursued. Isn't this what supply and demand is really all about? We would hope that a surplus of attorneys would mean lower legal fees but that won't be the case. These legal geniuses, a quarter of whom can't pass the state bar exam, all want to work for high-profile legal firms or, better yet, as prosecutors and public defenders on the guaranteed government payroll with fabulous health and retirement benefits. It'll be  pleasant day when the number leaving the legal profession exceeds those entering it.

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