Sunday, August 24, 2014

More Cops Using State Computers To Check Out Babes

After communities in the area surrounding St. Paul, MN dished out thousands of dollars to settle potential claims by a lady ex-cop that had been the object of extensive and illegal computer searches by law enforcement professionals you might think that policies would be implemented to prevent this behavior. You would be wrong.  Cops in the suburban Sacramento town of Fairfield, CA have been using the state law enforcement database to screen potential dates, according to this story.

This is a felony but we'll see, after the dust settles, if anyone with a badge is censured. While the skirt chasing aspect of this affair is reprehensible as well as illegal, the access to computer databases by cops with motives other than sexual gratification is really scarier yet. Debts to bookies and others, love triangles, family disputes, the occasions for abuse are many and varied. There's no reason why we should trust these professional sociopaths with information forbidden to others.

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