Monday, May 5, 2014

It's not an Asian carp, it's an "Invasive Carp"

Typical witless politician John Hoffman, a Minnesota state senator from Champlin, representing suburban district 36, adds an amendment to legislation that excludes the adjective "Asian" as applied to a fish, from state communications because it might make people of Asian birth unhappy, I guess. There are people of Asian birth in Minnesota for sure. But Asia is a continent, not an ethnicity or race or attitude. It contains 4.3 billion souls (over half the world's population) of varying skin color and language preference. It extends from Istanbul in Turkey to Anadyr, in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug of Russia. That's a distance of about 5000 miles. Does everyone in this vast expanse refer to themselves as Asians rather than Russians or Tamils or Koreans? There's also the consideration that some native-born Minnesotans have an ethnic heritage that originates in some part of Asia, the Hmongs for instance. Do the Hmongs refer to themselves as Asians? I'm going straight down to the Hmong market for lunch. I'll report back later on what the Asians themselves have to say about this matter, if that actually has any bearing on it.

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