Saturday, April 5, 2014

DC Cops Use Of Force Policy Is A Secret

On October 3, 2013, US Capitol Police and uniformed Secret Service agents shot to death Miriam Carey for making a legal U-turn near the US capitol and then driving away. Her baby was strapped into a car seat in the Nissan she was driving. Six months have passed but no official report on the fatal encounter has been released by authorities. This article in WND describes the current status of the situation, with no information forthcoming in over six months, except an autopsy report that showed no drugs in the system of the murdered woman.

One interesting and troubling aspect of the affair has been the refusal of either of the law enforcement agencies involved to release their use of force policies, under what circumstances are police personnel permitted to use deadly force? Why should this be a secret? Shouldn't everyone know for sure what circumstances could lead to their death at the hands of the cops? If the policies aren't made public, how does anyone know that they're not tailored to fit individual situations as they arise? What's the relationship between a police department policy and the law itself? Should the law authorize a cop to kill someone for not obeying an order?

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