Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Elvis Impersonators

If American singing hero Elvis Presley hadn't over-indulged in junk food and drugs he might well have celebrated his 79th birthday last January 8. The untimely demise of one the country's most popular male vocalists and movie actors ever has led to a proliferation of impersonators through the years that have adopted his hair style, mannerisms and singing techniques and made perhaps a modest living imitating the "King". What would have happened if Elvis had throttled back a little bit on his gluttony and managed to survive 4 score years on the planet? Would his songs have continued to be the soft rock ballads that sent shivers down the spine of teen-age girls? Or would his itinerary have changed with the changing tastes of newer generations? Would a geriatric Elvis still be a heart-throb? And, most important, would the small but important field of his impersonators even have come to be? What would these guys be doing if Elvis was sitting in a Memphis nursing home, watching Seinfeld re-runs, waiting for a person that speaks English as second language to change his diaper? Shouldn't there be at least a couple of Elvis impersonators that are in the neighborhood of 79 years so us Elvis fans can see and hear him if he hadn't choked to death on a banana and peanut butter sandwich?

The real Elvis, before he overdid it.

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