Thursday, January 2, 2014

Presidential Plastic Watch

Serial philanderer Bill Clinton may have been the first to US president to adorn his wrist with a non-metallic timepiece but the currently most powerful man on earth stalks the links with an inexpensive plastic watch, too.
 The Republican party has accused the President of playing too much gold since his inauguration in 2009, counting over 155 games According to this source BHO has been wearing one kind or another of cheap wristwatch for some time. What are we to make of this? Does this demonstrate that the fellow is a "man of the people"? Or that he isn't big on watches to begin with? Or that he really isn't a very classy guy?

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MC said...

I'm not sure I'd call that a cheap watch. It is probably a specialist watch, with gps and many other features. Possibly a Suunto or Garmin or similar. The price of those is perhaps at the 90% percentile of 'metallic' watches worn by most people. Can someone with a higher resolution photo confirm?