Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bad Cop David Clifford Will Serve 2 Years & 4 Months, Maybe

Former Minneapolis SWAT team executive officer, Sgt. David Clifford, was sentenced to half the state-recommended guideline for his conviction for first degree assault, three years and seven months, which means that he'll have to spend two thirds of that sitting around in some warden's office making phone calls and playing on the computer while his victim tries to resume a normal life, as explained to some degree in this Star-Tribune account. The St. Paul Pioneer Press has a little different take on the affair. Clifford stated that he "decided to be a cop when no police intervention was necessary". In other words, if you're a cop on duty it's OK to go up and punch a person in the face. He probably does believe that. Neither article brings out the fact that Clifford immediately ran away and hid, turning himself in to the authorities while accompanied by his attorney the next day. A neat guy.

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