Monday, November 19, 2012

Vanderkitten & Exergy Get New Bikes

Wilier Triestina to sponsor Team Vanderkitten and Team Exergy

Two US-based women's pro cycling teams have chosen to straddle Italian Wilier Triestina bikes for the 2013 season.  Team Vanderkitten, headquartered in Mountain View, California, had ridden Focus bikes for the last three years.  

A team photograph from the Vanderkitten website gives everyone a pretty good idea who each of these team members might be.  With their helmets, sun glasses and identical kits, can you tell which one is Ruth Winder?  How about Jazzy Hurikino?  Sadly, as a publicity photo this is quite similar to a group picture of Saudi women in burkhas. And this from a sport that constantly complains of lack of exposure.

Team Exergy, with two medal winners at the 2012 London games, Kristin Armstrong and Lauren Tamayo, is getting a Wilier Triestina sponsorship after switching from Felt bikes.

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