Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dog Attack

This Pioneer-Press article describes an event that is so wrong in so many ways it almost defies analysis.  But we'll try.

First of all, if contemporary law enforcement requires, as it does, trained professionals to administer it, how can authority be delegated to lower orders of the animal kingdom?  It's pretty obvious that even a trained dog can't tell a suspect from a bystander.  The human cops themselves can't do that.  Or internalize the concepts of "innocent until proven guilty" or "excessive force".  Dogs are trained to use excessive force.  Human cops aren't allowed to bite people, or at least the practice is discouraged.  In any event, how much force, how much physical effort, is correct in making an arrest?  Remember, this isn't punishment, nobody has been convicted of anything.  How much injury to a suspect, not to mention an innocent bystander, is acceptable in making an arrest?  Particularly one in which the suspect is attempting to flee, rather than physically resist?  Well, we know the answer.  There is no limit.    

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