Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Secret Service No Secret To Columbian "Escorts"

There's been something of a teapot tempest over charges that an advance team of US Secret Service agents dallied with ladies of the evening prior to the arrival of POTUS Barack Hussein Obama in Cartagena, Columbia recently. The objections to this alleged behavior is that it's illegal under US law, which is doubtful, and that it might compromise the safety of the anointed one, also doubtful, provide an opportunity for Russian espionage and disgrace the US government. First of all, there isn't any federal law banning prostitution with the exception of the Mann Act, which makes illegal the transportation of females across state lines for an immoral purpose. The US doesn't get to enact the laws for Columbia, at least not yet. A secret service agent sharing affections with a stranger probably doesn't endanger the POTUS as much as the possibility that he might be hit by an errant golf ball. (How many secret service agents accompany the POTUS on a round of golf? Are others allowed to play the course while he's out there? Or are they all secret service agents representing golfers? If so, are the taxpayers on the hook for their greens fees, too? Do they form a human shield around BHO when some heavy hitter tries to play through? For sure the Russkies would infiltrate the Columbian prostitute pool on the off chance that one of their agents could pull her Mata Hari act on a gullible secret service agent but what could she get out of the guy, in information, at least? Would the Russians exploit some hitherto unknown BHO weakness and maybe poke him with a poisoned ball point or something? The disgrace of the US government is probably the critical failing. The government of a country that indiscriminately bombs various areas in Asia Minor would certainly lose standing in the international community if some of its super cops were caught enjoying themselves. Of course, it's all bullshit.

  The real issue here is this: highly paid US government functionaries attempted to steal something. Refusing to pay a hooker is the equivalent of shoplifting. As crimes go, it's pretty low on the totem pole of transgression. You might not enjoy your stay in the slammer if the other guys in the cell block find out that you stiffed a whore. Across the world, few people would be upset to learn that traveling government officials indulge in subsidized hanky-panky. They would, however, look down on big shots that don't pay their bills. That really is the issue here. A very well-paid appartchik that has all his expense covered by the taxpayers is too low class to bite the bullet and pay what he owed. In fact, none of this would ever have come to light if he had followed through on his end of the deal. The lady wouldn't have gone to the local police and they wouldn't have investigated the crime, which was non-payment for services, not prostitution. The agent and his co-workers would have moved on to the next glamour spot on the BHO re-election tour and taken their pick from the available love laborers. He deserves worse than termination, he deserves the disgust and derision of all red-blooded Americans.

A former merchant seaman has a similar take on it.

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