Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where's PETA?

During the annual alcohol-fueled St. Patrick's Day antics on West Seventh St. in St. Paul, Minnesota a probably inebriated boob had the temerity to slap a police horse on the rump. This is a misdemeanor and the guy was arrested. It's a violation of the law to "assault a police horse". Anyway, about police mounts, and dogs, for that matter. Assaulting a police canine is now the legal equivalent of assaulting an actual human policeman. Horses and dogs are animals. They're unable to actually volunteer for law enforcement duty. For all we know, they might be real upset with crowd control and hunting down burglars in dark buildings. For sure, any normal horse is going to be a little nervous in a big crowd of drunks dressed in green in the middle of the night. There's always the possibility that a horse could get spooked and run off, trampling some innocent. Or seriously injure or even kill a bystander with a well-placed kick. It happens all the time around the race track and rodeo arena. There's the chance that the animal itself can be injured as well. The point is that the behavior of an animal is impossible to predict. While there's no shortage of concern for stray cats and orphan puppies, no one seems to care about animals put into harms way by law enforcement. How come?

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